Doll House Bangkok Thailand Bar Girls

Dollhouse Agogo Bar is just one of the many Thai girl bars to be found located on Soi Cowboy, Bangkok. This is just a selection of the Thailand Bar Girls that work there for your pleasure. I have found these six images of the staff that work there, as waitresses. There are also dancers in the bar that will do shows on stages are dance on the bar in front of you.

I hope these Thailand bar girls have wet your appetite for more and visit us regularly. With so many different bars in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin and Phuket to name just a few places where you can find thai bar girls, there should be a lot of images out there. But these six are great to get us started on our quest to list as many of Thailand bar girls as possible.


Doug said...

You should use the original photos and reference our website:

Roxtin said...

Images are cropped for impact and effect. The original site was referenced at the start of the post and now has had a link added.